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Join us Nov. 5 for joint NACCPhilly-Norway Health Tech Webinar: Health After COVID-19

Due to the pandemic, extraordinary circumstances call for answers and rapid development.

It is only becoming more salient as the days pass that demand is increasing for COVID-19 solutions and products. Showing us that acquiring remedies that can counteract the pandemic consequences and mitigate any future crises that are related to the pandemic, are vital.

It is already known that Norway has a strong innovation ecosystem for developing health-related technologies. Then it follows that the next natural step is to share those technologies and bolster our health tech community.

Furthermore, with strong political support from the US and Norway for increasing collaboration within research, innovation, development, and commercialization-let’s begin this international venture together with this unique webinar.

Join us November 5 for informative dialogue between specialists from the US, with speakers from Texas and Pennsylvania featuring pitches from several up and coming startups and SME's from Norway. The speakers include Dr. Aron Sarosta who is the Director of The Launchline Digital Health, the Science Center’s Digital Health Accelerator in Philadelphia.

To register for the event and learn more about the speakers go here.

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